Self-ligating system

About self-ligating system

Self-ligating brackets have a door mechanism that secures the arch wire, which helps align the teeth in their correct position without the need for ligatures or modules.

Remember, it is best to schedule an evaluation appointment to get a better idea of how long your treatment may take and what the cost will be. You can also get all your questions answered during your first visit and see the self-ligating brackets in person.

An abnormal position of the jaw can also cause frequent headaches, popping or clicking in the temporomandibular joint, and pain in the face and neck. This can also be related to misaligned teeth.

Some advantages of the self-ligating system

- Orthodontic treatments typically last for a shorter period of time, as the anchoring system provides faster and continuous movement of teeth.

- By not using ligatures, they allow for easier hygiene and do not cause food or bacterial plaque to become trapped in the appliance.

- They are very comfortable to wear and generally do not cause injuries to soft tissues.

- Visits to the orthodontist can be spaced out up to 6-8 weeks.

- You can choose between the metal or aesthetic system (clear).

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